About Us

Australian Wine Weekly (formerly SA Wine Weekly) was founded in 2020 and came about as a COVID-19 lockdown project put together with the aim of helping local wineries increase their social media exposure.

Now with over 150,000 views a month across a range of platforms, Australian Wine Weekly is rapidly becoming the country’s fastest-growing, most viewed and most watchable interactive wine show.

Meet Our Host

Hosted by genuine Aussie character and self-proclaimed wine lover, Nathan Goad has a real passion for understanding the people who sit behind cellar doors. His unique interviewing style weaves together the amazing stories and interesting history that typically underpin the brand, and is perfectly balanced for a far broader audience demographic.

‘It is our mission to make sure that these stories are heard by a far wider audience and so Australian Wine Weekly is here to provide the multi-media platform the industry deserves to allow it the opportunity to showcase itself properly; both nationally and internationally". - Nathan

We're All About Grenache!

Our team have been busy this year visiting local winemakers around the South Australian Wine region to discover and experience their top drop Grenaches. 

During our travels, we've had the pleasure to sit down with several passionate winemakers from the Barossa Valley, Clare Valley, Port Elliot and McClaren Vale sharing their stories, industry knowledge, experience and enthusiasm for all things wine with our team. We've had a lot of fun meeting the talent behind the bottle and tasting their delicious wines. 

Our episodes featuring Grenache and more are now available to watch on YouTube and Facebook. Listen to their story and discover a new wine love with us.

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Wednesday night is when the magic happens.

On Wednesday nights at 8:00 pm, we premiere our latest travels to the different Australian wine regions. Here at Australian Wine Weekly, we are constantly surprised by the sheer number of incredibly positive stories of success and growth we are hearing from all the corners of the industry; from small-scale producers to the largest of the premium winemakers as well as from the broader, interrelated community in general. We love sharing these incredible stories with our viewers. 

Our episodes are always available to watch on our YouTube platform with direct links to featured wines from each episode.

A hidden gem in the picturesque location of Port Elliot in South Australia, we meet Richard Bate & his good mate Anthony Catinari. Having a passion for wine brought the two friends together, who sought to make wine close to their hearts and with a strong connection to their heritage and roots.

From one mad moment and a love of classic Australian red wine soon turned into a family-shared dream of producing top-quality red wine and that's where Manser Wines all began. We met with Phil Manser, who shared with us their incredible story over a glass of their top wine range.
"Through Collaboration, Innovation will Bloom." That's the story behind our guests this week, Colab and Bloom, formed when a group of long-time friends, family and colleagues came together with a shared vision for making wine.

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